Welcome to Natural Soap Fundraiser

We are passionate about soap making, creating unique soaps that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Our soaps are handcrafted using all natural ingredients and only pure essential oils. Absolutely no nasties, artificial ingredients or chemicals.

We make fundraising easy!

We have options to run a fundraiser completely online (order delivery direct to consumer or to fundraising coordinator), as well as pre-purchase options for fetes, markets or special days.

What makes soap perfect for fundraising

Everybody loves natural handmade soap. Soaps are great for direct selling at a fete or market as well as an online fundraiser. Add an online fundraiser to your calendar and run the same time each year, establish as an annual event on your fundraising calendar and you will find sales will increase in subsequent fundraisers. Soaps make beautiful gifts and are ideal to purchase in bulk if anybody wants to stock up until the next fundraiser.

Soaps are non-perishable so there is no urgency to distributing products to families, unlike food items that may melt or need to be refrigerated.

Perfect for schools, day care, sporting clubs and community groups, we work closely with fundraising coordinators to make sure your fundraiser works smoothly and efficiently.


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