About our Services


We are here to help

Our customer service is excellent, we love working closely with fundraising coordinators to make sure fundraisers are a huge success. Year after year we have repeat fundraisers that continue to grow because everybody loves our soap. We will send you regular updates during your fundraiser so that you can monitor progress.

Fees and Charges

There are no hidden fees or upfront costs. Families can order soap directly on our web site and complete payment to take the hassle out of orders and handling payments.


Natural soap fundraisers are available for any organisation anywhere in Australia and delivery is free to fundraising coordinators so that there is absolutely no costs that cut into your profits. Soap is packed into named bundles ready for collection by families and easy distribution. We also have the option for soaps to be delivered directly to families.

Fundraising Made Easy

We have options to run a fundraiser completely online, delivery to fundraising coordinator or direct to families. Fundraisers can be long term or short term for the dates that suit you. We can also supply soaps as a pre-purchase option for fetes, markets or special days.

We are flexible

If you have an idea in mind for your fundraiser that does not quite fit in with our options please let us know. We are happy to work with you to tailor a unique fundraiser. Choose the dates that suit you and how long that you would like to run fundraiser.

No fundraiser too big or too small

Catering for all size fundraisers, we can supply soaps for your needs from 24 bars to 1000’s.

When can I start

Fundraisers can be booked for any date that suits you, bookings can be made for dates in advance to secure your fundraiser. Super keen to get started straight away? Get in touch with us today, we would love to work with you.

Our Soaps

We are passionate about soap making, creating unique soaps that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Our soaps are handcrafted using all natural ingredients with only pure essential oils and Australian clays and botanicals. Absolutely no nasties, artificial ingredients or chemicals.



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